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? >> yes, 08 westbound coming in from vacaville fairfield all the way from he berkeley to oakland and that looks good, of course we watch, it affect is the entire eastbound commute. it starts off right through downtown and getting up into the silicone valley. >>> well, i am mostly clear and it is on the way for tuesday and wednesday morning and afternoon and one system is in and out and we can't get everything established as far as a witnesser pattern. everything has been locked in for the longest time. highs today 60s and 70s and inland temperatures will be mild to warm. we will have more on the way to increasing clouds and holding into wednesday morning. this is our forecast and by tuesday afternoon it starts to move. a quarter of an inch is starting to move and there is not much rain. 40s and 50s, novato had rain last time and some of these increasing clouds will filter in. it will be a cool morning for some, 660s to antioch. 68 los gatos, looks good for thursday and temperatures are back to a dry pattern and lows will be on the cool side. >
and 580 in oakland are looking good. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. a lot of high clouds streaming in. very weak system falling apart. the majority will stay to the north. it will spin in fog and low clouds. mainly patchy. sonoma county airport says fog. a lot of high clouds. ridge of high pressure nudging eastward. and definitely an on shore breeze for most. travis, fairfield has a west at 16. west at oakland. west at sfo. a lot of high, mid level clouds. 30s and 40s and 50s on the temps. the wind direction. there is fairfield at 16. sfo west at 7. oakland airport west at 8. it's more of an on shore breeze. again this is a weak and dying system. storm track continues to stay north of us. not much changing until the weekend. we'll see. mostly sunny today. high clouds. a little cooler with that on shore breeze in place. mostly sunny and partly cloudy. they will boot scoot out of here. 60s on the temps or 50s. 50s or 60s or very low 70s. 66 redwood city. 65 fremont. santa cruz 64. partly cloudy on tuesday and mostly sunny wedne
on highway 24. we'll tell you more about a problem that just popped up in oakland. >>> good morning. a lot of high clouds and patchy low clouds but mostly sunny today to partly sunny. 50s and 60s or low 70s. >>> italian supreme court is set to rule on whether american college student amanda knox should be retried. if the court decides today that knox's acquittal can be overturned than the case will be officially over. >>> the city of stockton is taking its bankruptcy case to federal court if if the court finds the city has done everything possible to pay its debts, stockton will become the largest city in the country to go bankrupt. creditors against stockton's chapter nine defensive plan says stockton has not done enough to cut spending. >>> cypress worked out a last minute dayout deal with international leaders. there was already a rush to draw money from laiki. depositors who have less than $100,000 euros will not lose any money. the financial crisis will still be difficult for cyprus and its people. >> the commissioner will do everything poss
of in oakland. >>> seven hour standoff in a motel. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse isn't it? see back in my day we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>> partly cloudy, partly sunny skies. highsless to yesterday. 50s and 60s and low 70s. >>> 4:44. a wanted parolee is behind bars after a seven-hour standoff with morgan hill police. a swat team moved in after firing tear gas into a motel room where the suspect barricaded himself with a woman. the gas canisters left large holes in the window. a ktvu news crew took exclusive pictures of the mess left inside the room. the incident bega
. 40s for some. 30s for others. novato 37. napa at 39. 46 san jose. 50 right at oakland and also at hayward. but that west wind for most locations west, west southwest fairfield 16 miles an hour. oakland sfo west at 7. 27 now in tahoe. 33 eureka. 30s, 40s, and 50s down in southern california. springfield, illinois 18 inches of snow. greatest amount ever for a calendar day. you tell those folks it's spring they are still digging out. as long as that pattern remaps locked in to the east, i don't see much changing. there is signs or hints of a system coming in by the weekend but i don't know. i'm not going to hang my hat on it. mostly sunny. higher clouds. 72 clearlake. a lot of 60s. temperatures coming down coast and bay. 50s and 60s. low 70s antioch and pittsburgh 72. gilroy yesterday was 77. wood side is in there. san bruno at 60. a lot of high and mid level clouds. then things get a little interesting toward the end of the week. cloud it up supposedly. we'll see if it makes it. >>> back to our top story now ktvu news was there as poli
and oakland san leandro and alameda are also flying the rainbow flag this week and david stevenson has a seat inside the courtroom for today's oral arguments and we will begin 5:15 this morning. >>> it will happen later insane darn later in san jose. >> reporter: we spoke to a woman who said she heard a cracking noise before she went to bed and she went to bed because she didn't see anything out of the ordinary but it turns out it was a hundred fire. 20 people live here hand they said they were knocking on everybody's doors making sure they got everybody out safely. >> we noticed it started in the upstairs unit of a flour flex. she was taken to the hospital to get checked out and we are told she is fine but understandably shaken. >> you know they are doing great and fine, everybody is fine and the power is turned off and the water and until it is safe, everybody will be put in hotels by the red cross. >> as you can see the mcdonalds is still being assist dollars by them and it appears this was an electrical fire. one woman said she had taken the pat a
at the port of oakland. it's part of an effort to win back public trust in the wake of a spending scandal that was uncovered in a ktvu news investigation. some port workers spent thousands of dollars of public money of a strip club. >> it's a milestone in a commitment we made to the public to respond after we learned of series challenges that we faced. >> the new policy approved yesterday includes tough new limits on employees spending and travel. and calls for mandatory ethics training for all port workers. >>> also new this morning incoming college freshman could end up paying $5,000 more for student loans if congress does not act soon. the rate for subsidized stafford loans is set to increase from 3.4 to 6.8% july 1st. last years students got a one year-reprieve but there is no urgency to block the increase this time. >>> today the obama administration will propose the entire country start using the cleaner gas that we already have in place in california. the eta says that will result in cleaner air across the country. the agency estimates that the
of killing a man from oakland and two other people on the las vegas strip is in jail. a team of los angeles police officers and federal agents arrested 26-year-old ammar harris yesterday at an apartment complex in north hollywood. the arrest came after a week- long manhunt. >> there were tips that proved to be beneficial that we used. >> the shooting victim kenneth cherry was laid to rest yesterday in his native oakland. harris and cherry had argued at the valet stand of the aria hotel resort. investigators say the shooting that followed caused a chain reaction crash on the strip that killed a taxi driver and his passenger. >>> a partial human skull found along the alameda creek trail was probably there for at least a year. and forensic teams combed the creekside bed yesterday looking for other remains after teenagers found the skull on wednesday. investigators say the teeth showed signs of dental work and that means it's unlikely it was from an old native american burial ground. >>> a rape on the uc-santa cruz campus was a hoax. there's word fro
at oakland 1/8 of a mile. the fog still hugging parts of the shoreline. extending out toward berkeley and richmond. in the afternoon hours we will warm things up. that will translate to a few spots approaching the 80-degree mark this afternoon. the cooler end of the temperature range right near the immediate shoreline. there's our forecast model in the short term show you the dense fog between now and 10:00. and then into the afternoon hours still picking up a few left over patches from parts of the coastline. this forecast model clears it out completely. we could have a few left over patches. 8:00 this morning areas of fog 42-52 degrees. relatively clear skies well inland. by 12:00 still patchy coastal fog. and 3:00 mild to warm. there is the eventual temperature range and a few low 80s showing up. brentwood we will go to 80. san jose a forecast high of 76. and look at gilroy 80 degrees. look ahead your five-day forecast a little cooler for your thursday. no major changes with partly sunny skies by the weekend. >>> time now 5:10. the fatal cra
in oakland and i understand hundreds of workers are walking the picket line. >> reporter: the protestors have been out here since 3:00 a.m. this morning. you can see they have quite a turnout here at the 98th avenue location in oakland. hundreds of union workers from the international long shore and warehouse union. they want better wages and safer work conditions. we just talked with one man who worked for waste management for 23 years. he tells us it's not easy to give up a whole days wages but he says this is an important fight. >> it's a struggle for them. this job is dangerous. you have to be very careful not to get hurt. it's a struggle but they are fed up. we're just fed up and we're going to continue to do this until they finally respect us. >> reporter: waste management employees are protesting at three locations today. this is a look at the san leandro facility on davis street. union workers are also protesting at the altamont landfill east of livermore. we just talked with a spokesperson from waste management he told us he was very surpr
and friends are searching for an oakland woman missing for five days now. she was last seen jogging near 34th and telegraph on thursday morning. the 31-year-old was wearing gray pants, gray sweatshirt and red shoes. her family says oakland police aren't doing enough to find her. there is now a $1,000 reward for information in the case. a vigil will be held this afternoon. >>> developing news in afghanistan. two american troops were killed today in an insider attack. an afghan police officer opened fire inside a police station while u.s. forces were visiting there. three afghan policemen were also killed in that gun battle. also afghan officials say u.s. troops have and killed two afghan civilians as the truck was approaching an american convoy just outside of kabul. >>> north korea meanwhile has nullified the 1953 armistice which ended fighting in the korean war, that's according to the country's main newspaper. the communist government is upset by last week's united nations vote to impose more sanctions because of north korea's nuclear activities.
quiet in oakland, weekday mass starts at 7:10 this morning. so many in the bay area watched and followed the election of pope francis at the vatican a day ago, local residents learned of his prior work as arch beneficiary off of buenos aires, his work with the poor, the first pope from latin america. he will be contending with controversial social issues of the west, such as gay marriage, women's rights, abortion and contraception. some hope he will bring much needed change to the catholic church. others say don't expect too much in terms of a shift on many hot button social issues. >> he takes a bus to work, said no to the papal palace, his real solidarity is with the poor. he's on the social justice issues but firm in the teaching of the church on the full issues, like gay marriage, abortion, contraception, which i know is not what a lot of people want to see. >> reporter: for so many catholics the election was a time of celebration that will feature in masses today around the bay area, including a special thanksgiving mass at st. mary'
and there are no reports of damage. >>> deputies arrested a man who tried to escape by swimming the oakland estuary last night. deputies spotted a stolen car in the parking lot of the oakland aquatic center. deputies say the driver took off, leading them on a chase down embarquadero before hitting a u.p.s. truck, jumped out of the car, swam the oakland estuary and hid on a boat before he was arrested. >> there's a backup on the toll plaza every morning, most cars head straight through toll lanes, we're looking at it live, in the minutes before 10:00 some drivers are pulling off to the side of the road. they are hoping to save a couple dollars by waiting for the price to drop from $6 to $4 at 10:00 but they are breaking the law and risk getting a $200 ticket. >> i didn't know anything about that. >> two bucks a day is a lot of money but don't pull over. >>> time now 435. >> good morning, brian and pam. we're doing well. traffic is doing nicely on 80 westbound as you drive let's say to the macarthur maze, traffic is doing nicely. the morning commute looks good. some l
that all the way down as it comes down toward the eastern side of the span toward oakland, right where the lights hit the deck that is where they discovered this problem. what they did they had the bolts in place since 2008 but recently as we were approaching opening of this span, they started tightening them. when they tightened them they snapped. what they have figured out is that hydrogen is likely the problem. that the hydrogen got into the metal and that is causing them to be brittle. what is not clear is how extensive this problem is. i did talk to the mtc spokesperson. here's what he said about how big he sees the problem really is. >> but on a project of this size everything gets magnified. keep in mind these are bolts. the thing we all deal with every day but they are 17 feet long. everything on the bay bridge is magnified. and the size of these bolts is a great illustration of that. >> reporter: back live here. a live look at the bay bridge span this morning. so here's what is happening in the next few hours. the metropolitan transportat
through between walnut creek and oakland through the tunnel. let's go back to the desk. glance we are continuing to follow that breaking news in san francisco where a driver lost control and plowed right into a house in the bay view hunters point neighborhood. tara moriarty just spoke with a woman who lives in that house. it was quite a wakeup call. tara. >> reporter: it really was. the people who live here thought an earthquake had just struck. you can see on the side of the house where the damage is there is a hole there through the rock and it goes into the garage. police according to them it was most likely a drunk driver. at 4:00 this morning the driver slammed into the home on the corner. witnesses couldn't tell if the person was a man or woman but they appeared to if latino or pacific islander. the impact of the crash was enough to put a hole through the house and damage items inside the garage. >> reporter: was it scary? >> yes. my daughter came running into the room talking about there's an earthquake and she wanted to get in the bed w
of the east bay but not here in lafayette. it's nice and clear between walnut creek and oakland. you can see traffic that moves well to the tunnel. when you get to the other side you will see thick fog. some dense fog on the bridge itself and a little bit at the toll plaza. the metering lights usually gone on at 6:15 which is interesting to see if we'll have big crowd today. this is a look at northbound and southbound 280 on their map system. you can see the traffic is light there. not a lot of lot of yellow and red spots. let's go to steve. >>> all right, sal. we're in the city. and lincoln center up above that fog. there is definitely fog around coast and bay. visibility near zero in some spots. brent said clear sky there is. and he's dusting off the hawaiian shirt. i can't blame you. mid 70s out in the inland area. the is definitely in place. below though don't be deceived even though it will be mostly sunny here today. it will give us a lot of cloud cover and it will give us rain and thunderstorms. a very warm pattern away from the coast and no
the bay. look at the oakland airport visibility still down to one eighth of a mile and over cast right around sfo as well. dense fog this morning. becoming partly cloudy this afternoon. we can still have a few left over patches into the afternoon hours. right around the bay we will clear things out. 68 to 73 degrees by 3:00. and the inland sections a big warmup. 77-80 degrees this afternoon. these numbers pretty warm. you can see upper 70s out toward fairfield and antioch. san francisco 67 degrees. look ahead your five-day forecast minor cooling for thursday and friday with your weekend always in view. partly sunny skies. >>> 6:12 is the time right now. disturbing child endangerment case it involves a toddler, drugs, and alcohol. >>> also the very latest on cyber security posing more of a threat to the united states according to a report. more than a terrorist attack. >>> and he wrestled away a shark with his bare hands to keep nearby children safe. why the good deed cost him his job. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-ver
.15. over in oakland it's $4.10. san jose at $4.11. the low he was average prices in california are in sacramento at $4.02 a gallon. >>> a new compliance director is set to begin work today at the oakland police department. a u.s. district court judge appointed thomas frazier to oversee the opd reform efforts. he is the former police commissioner of baltimore, maryland and former deputy chief in san jose. his job is to get oakland police to comply with the set of reform measures that were supposed to be completed five years ago. >>> a popular berkeley restaurant will resume taking reservations today just days after it was damage by fire. chez panisse has canceled all reservations through march 23 but starting today will take new reservations for after that date. the cause of friday's fire is still under investigation. >>> there was a rocket launcher among the weapons turned in at a gun buy-back in vallejo this weekend. nearly 350 firearms were turned in, in exchange for $30,000 worth of cash and gift cards. the guns that were turned in were di
's going to be spectacular today temperatures in the 40s even low 50s into oakland. fairfield at 39 degrees. huge dome of high pressure, no threat of rainfall. the storm track still well to the north up into washington. so we are going to keep nice and dry for the foreseeable future. today's temperatures running 5 to 10 degrees above average as high as 76 degrees today in livermore, 73 in san jose, 69 in san francisco. about 75 degrees in the napa valley. going to get even warmer. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we'll start you off with a live look at the south bay this morning. this is a look at 101 near trimble. as you can see everything is moving at the limit. we have overnight roadwork in san jose. we'll get to that in just a minute. but 101 is still moving fine. towards the bay bridge and this is a look at traffic towards treasure island, this morning we'll find various lanes blocked westbound 80 from the toll plaza all the way out towards yerba buena island scheduled to wrap up by about 5:00. p
, napa is down 4 from yesterday, santa rosa, warmer towards antioch, oakland 65, santa cruz down 6 from yesterday, more of an on shore breeze, 60s by the coast and mainly 60s by the peninsular, and the clear on sunday. >> -- and it is clearing on sunday. >>> now san francisco muni could try level the playing field. >> also a new grant could have oakland police officers patrolling outside of the city. >>> plus this plane crashed into an oakland crash stay tuned. . >>> plus the plane crashed into an area with homes, stay tuned for more. . >>> time now 6:13, two people died, their private jet crashed into the south bend regional airport. two other passengers on the ground were injured. the plane was flying from tulsa oklahoma when it hit three houses and became lodged in one of them. investigators say the plane was having mechanical problems and they forced several homes to be evacuated. you may have heard somebody south of rug road 6:00 p.m. the crash involved four cars one of which burst into flames. one appeared to be driving recklessly just
in the deaths of the man from oakland and two other people on the las vegas strip is now in jail. a team of l.a. police officers and federal agents arrested 26-year-old ammar harris yesterday at an apartment in north hollywood after a week-long manhunt. >> we used beneficial tips. >> the shooting victim kenneth cherry was buried yesterday in oakland. harris and cherry had argued at the valet stand at the aria hotel in las vegas. investigators say the shooting that followed caused a chain reaction crash on the strip that killed a taxi driver and a passenger. >>> how long was a partial human skull lying along the alameda creek trail in union city? authorities say it may have been more than a year. a forensics team combed the creekbed yesterday looking for any other remains, this after some teenagers found the skull on wednesday. investigators say the teeth showed some signs of dental work. that means it's highly unlikely that the skull fragment was from an old native american burial ground. >>> uc-santa cruz police say a reported rape on campus was a hoax.
degrees today in oakland. or right now in oakland. 39 in napa. that is chilly. but it will warm up today. daytime highs will warm up nicely. there is wind out there. it's not blowing that hard yet. half-moon bay airport is coming in at calm. this afternoon it will feel like a springtime day. what do i mean by that? wind gusts 15-20 miles an hour around the bay. that is pretty typical too. forecast highs and 70 today. this is your friday highs. your saturday highs are coming up. south bay temperatures check them out. you can have plenty of warmth. it will be a really nice day. it's friday. what else can you ask for? when i come back i have a five- day forecast. there is a chance for rain out there. we'll see you back here. >> thank you, bill. >>> 5:10 is the time right now. a passenger arrested for impersonating a pilot. find out how he slipped into the cockpit of a plane bound for florida. >>> the city of sacramento tries to beat the buzzard. >>> good morning. southbound 101 you can see marin county coming down to the golden gate bridge. we h
and take a look at the lows, 56 in west oakland, concord 54, 57 in mountain view and it is really mild and we are starting off mild and starting off with rain, santa cruz mountains had a couple of locations and there have been some areas back over to oakland, you can see rye yes vista, some missty and conditions and mainly we get this coming up on the southwest so it is a mild system and i am looking at the system, very warm breezy, we have the possibility much some rain, mostly cloudy, light rain in the morning and clouds and muggy conditions, warm mild pattern and sunday looks like the best opportunity for rain, humid tropical feel everything is coming up from the midwest, 60s to lower 70s and we will hold off on that until tomorrow when that low gets closer, breezy warm, possible rain on sunday, showers, clearing on monday. >>> thank you steve, 6:10 is the time right now. massive water took out a home and what they are doing to stop other homes from going over the edge. >>> and we have more information on mark zuckerman. >>> and they are -- zuckerbe
. and they are starting against the oakland a's. yesterday they unveiled some of the giant's fans they will see at the park this season and of course the trophies will be on display and there will also be plenty of events for the king of rock 'n' roll and they will host an elvis presley night in september. ken wayne will definitely be there for that. >> he certainly is. he has a big x on his calendar for that. >> i'm sure. >>> good morning, let's take a look at what we have. traffic is doing well around the bay area, no major problems although it is raining, give yourself plenty of extra time. also the commute is looking good on 280 getting up to highway 17 and there are no major problems and the traffic looks pretty good. i want to mention, we have an update on the story we first brought you as breaking news, a seven-year-old girl is facing extensive surgery after she and her grandmother were hit by a garbage truck while moving onto the embarcadero. the driver did stop and is cooperating. >>> light rain, light drizzle, extends coast bay inland and we will h
a problem right now in oakland. so they have not issued a traffic alert. if you are traveling westbound 24 towards college, a big rig lost its load. there is a bunch of debris metal rebar and stuff in the road. they are running a traffic break in order to clear the accident with the motorcycle but delays are building out of the caldecott tunnel. westbound 24 approaching college avenue. we'll let you know when it's cleared. there is no traffic alert. we are hearing up to 10 cars on the right-hand shoulder possibly ran over some of that debris in lanes. so that's definitely a problem spot this morning. in the meantime, if you are riding bart right now there's some delays about 15 minutes or so out in the east bay. daly city towards the east bay so going against the commute. muni, caltrain and ace trains one and three are on time. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. a son-in-law of osama bin laden is set to appear in a new york courtroom less than two hours from now. sulaiman abu ghaith is expected to face terror-related charges.
42 million plastic bags a year. >>> thomas frazier is set to begin work today as the oakland police department's new compliance director. a u.s. district court judge appointed him to oversee the opd's reform effort. he is the former police commissioner in baltimore, maryland and former didn'tty chief in san jose. his job is to get oakland police to comply with the set of reforms that they were supposed to have completed five years ago. >>> a restaurant in berkeley will start taking reservations again days after it was damaged by an early-morning fire. chez panisse has canceled all reservations through march 23 but beginning today, it plans to start taking new reservations for after that date. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>> another gun buy-back program this weekend netted nearly 350 weapons including a rocket launcher. $30,000 worth of cash and gift cards were given away at the buy-back. it was held in vallejo. as soon as a gun would be turned in, it was disabled so it couldn't be fired. i'm not sure what they got
of it to be honest with you. 40s everywhere we had a lot warmer temperatures gusting to 23, 14 at oakland, a northerly breeze, half-moon bay, it will still be sunny especially by the coast i guess it will come out of here fast. a win is in place, a little warmer. you need more of a -- you need more of a breeze but the weekend looks good >> 3:47 new focus on a south bay train crossing. >> the safety measures and the works that would have prevent death. >>> st. francis, what he has said about same sex couples. >>> and we will tell you more about the morning commute, stay tuned. well, well, well. growing up we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. . >>> the u.s. government is offering a reward for cap
in downtown san jose, it looks good so far. 5:06 let's go to steve. >>> downtown oakland, some local drizzle around, light rain, not widespread, everybody says cloudy on the temperatures, occasionally some of rain shows up but it is below the radar beams so the radar does not pick it up but it is there. from the west southwest, that will give us a mild tropical field but if you can get some sun today, 50s on the lows and oakland really mild. starting to turn more south/southeast and that makes sense in the event of a low and still we have northerly components and some of that rain is being picked up by santa cruz mountains and you can see highway 17 and across the santa cruz coast and along highway 24, orinda and picking it up near the caldecott. 42 in tahoe and some temperatures have definitely been coming up and everybody is in on this mild air mass. we need the low to get over us to get the dynamics and it will cloud us up, morning rain for us, a light drizzle or mist, 60s to lower 70s, very mild, if you get sun, you can rocket passed these, breez
the oakland police department's reform efforts. thomas frazier is the former police commissioner of baltimore, maryland and a former deputy chief in san jose. he is going to get compliance measures conformed with that was supposed to be complied with 5 years ago. >>> george shirakawa resigned from the board last week facing criminal charges involving improper use of campaign donations and public funds. the board will decide whether to appointed a replacement to finish his term or call for a special election. >>> new this morning, it's official. bay area drivers have some of the longest commutes in the country. data came out on so-called mega- commuters. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is at the bay bridge toll plaza with just how much time people are wasting behind the wheel. >> reporter: it's a lot of time. the so-called mega-commuters spend at least an hour and a half plus 50 plus to get to work each day. there are a lot of them here in the bay area so we have a megacommute here. a lot of drivers in bumper-to- bumper probably agree. it ca
into san francisco. elsewhere, so a couple of problem spots westbound 24 at telegraph in oakland, four-car crash minor fender-bender quickly cleared to the right- hand shoulder. so not seeing any delays from the caldecott tunnel to the macarthur maze. fire northbound 238 near the 880 interchange from san leandro sounds like it's a smaller trash fire. it was visible from the freeway but it's on hesperian boulevard just off the freeway on city streets. elsewhere, out in st. helena, highway 29 at whitehall lane, this was an accident that happened overnight around 4:00 this morning. there may be lanes blocked. we are hearing about serious injuries reported on highway 29. >>> thank you. police in pleasanton are investigating claims that a teacher at a preschool tied up a 2-year-old. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington explains that the teacher allegedly took a picture of the incident and showed it to her coworkers. >> reporter: and one of the coworkers the mother of that child who then contacted police. so the preschool has been cited. the police depart
of the merced river. >>> if you are planning to head to oakland this sunday, be prepared for big crowds and street closures. nearly 10 thursday runners are expected to flood the streets for the annual oakland marathon. that race begins at 6:00 in the morning. it's followed by a festival which ends at 3:30 in the afternoon so all day. this is a look at the course. the areas effected by the race include broadway, telegraph avenue, 14 street, harrison and 19th street. bus tours will be delayed and detoured around that route. 6:2619 time. sal will tell us everything we need to know this morning. >>> we've been going actually pretty early this morning. we had problems since we went on the air at 4:30. right now we are looking at 280 in san jose. northbound looks good but southbound near mclaughlin we have two right lanes closed as you head to 101. not causing a big delay so far. but it's there. also the morning commute looks good on the sunol grade and on 580 we have slowing coming in from the valley. now 6:26 let's go to bill. >>> good morning, sal. we
were without power. >>> the prime suspect in the deaths of a man from oakland and two other people on the las vegas strip is now in jail. a team of l.a. police officers federal agents arresting 26-year-old ammar harris in an apartment complex in north hollywood after a week- long manhunt. >> there were tips that proved to be beneficial. we used those. >> shooting victim kenneth cherry was laid to rest yesterday in oakland. harris and cherry had argued at a valet stand of the aria hotel resort invasion. investigators say in vegas. there was a crash that killed a taxi driver and passenger, as well. >>> some bay area headlines for you this morning. uc-santa cruz police say a reported rape on campus was a hoax. a woman who is not a student claimed she was attacked on february 17th. now investigators say she admitted to making it all up. police are not saying why she did it. the district attorney's office will decide whether to file charges against her. >>> uptown oakland's first friday event for today will go on as scheduled despite safety concerns
the oakland coliseum. this camera on a windy day demonstrates how gusty it is because it usually shakes back and forth. right now it looks okay, pretty steady. you can see traffic is moving at the limit as you head towards downtown. we have a couple of things to tell you about at the bay bridge. the metering lights are on so we are starting to see delays in the cash and fastrak lanes. there's also a stall just reported. i just got word of that from my producer westbound 80 by the center anchorage, one lane is blocked. they are working to clear it. they canceled the high wind advisory for the bay bridge. so apparently it's not quite as bad any longer but those other high wind advisories are still in effect. let's go to our maps. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic looks okay right now out of ma ryan county. caltrans had suspended overnight roadwork because of the wet roads. westbound 580 this is definitely one of our busier spots right now actually starting from 205 out of tracy and you will notice this continuous line of brake li
. and outside towards 880 in oakland, this is near the oakland coliseum. that is your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >>> police in pleasanton are investigating claims that a teacher at a preschool tied up a 2-year-old. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington explains that the teacher allegedly took a picture of the incident and showed it to her coworkers. >> reporter: including the child's mother who then contacted the police. this picture allegedly showed a 2-year-old girl who had her wrist and ankles wrapped with masking tape and she was sitting on a cot allegedly being punished not not wanting to take a nap. the 2-year-old girl was the child involved. we are here at center point christian school in pleasanton. police say the teacher, who left the school this year, snapped a picture of the child on her cell phone and showed it to two other teachers at a social gathering this month. one of those other teachers, the child's mother. it says that the complaint that was filed says that the child had her wrist bound with masking tape. the church has res
:18. >>> police are investigating gunfire in east oakland at seminary and bromley avenues. police released little information about the incident but say no one was hit. streets were closed and a helicopter was overhead during the investigation. >>> time is now 6:05. pope francis began his first morning as a new pontiff, demonstrating the humility he's known for. without a grand entrance he went to rome's main basilica dedicated to the virgin mary through a side door and stopped by the hotel to pick up his luggage. he will be installed on tuesday. as we look live at st.peters's square, a beautiful picture. st.peters's square is not -- the crowd is not as large as the one that gathered last night. pope francis has postponed the visit today to see emeritus pope benedict at the papal retreat outside of rome. at 9:00 this morning pacific time he will lead mass in the sistine chapel with all the cardinals. >>> the vatican calls pope francis a reformer and natural leader who is dedicated to solving some of the church's problems. we have the challenges from on
overnight roadwork in lanes towards downtown oakland and once again crossing the golden gate bridge, nice and quiet in terms of dry weather, different story today than we saw yesterday but overall looks like the drive time is sluggish because of that overnight roadwork on the approach to the bridge in both directions northbound 101, two lanes blocked for another 25 minutes or so. coming up, we'll check mass transit. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> questions remain this morning after an animal park volunteer was mauled to death by a lion. it happened yesterday at cat haven, an animal sanctuary in the sierra foothills just east of fresno. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live in the newsroom with more on what happened. cate. >> reporter: michelle, we actually still -- we know very little about what happened before the fatal attack, like provoked the attack and why the intern was in the enclosure unsupervised. we know the victim was identified as 24-year-old diana hanson. she was a volunteer at the park. hanson moved from the
the westerly breeze in place, 59 oakland a-48 in san francisco and no doubt about it, out to the delta, a little more sun today, these are very weak systems and another one is coming in and a stronger one by friday and saturday and possible rain by the weekend. 50s and 60s on the temperatures and settling in and we will not see much change and it will start to cloud up on saturday and there is a possibility of some rain on saturday. >>> time now, we are following breaking news just coming in from mexico and an earthquake has been reported, this one triggered alarms in mexico city as well. buildings were swaying and people were running out into the streets. right now it is not clear how big the earthquake is but some say it is a preliminary 5.3 magnitude and when we get more details, we will bring you that information. >>> right now 622 testimony the fight for the -- 6:22 we will tell you more about the sacramento kings and we will tell you about the latest attempt to help the team stay in sacramento. >>> space x is headed back to earth and we will let
, mainly in the 40s outside. we have 50 degrees in san jose, 48 in san francisco, and 48 in oakland. high pressure holding on for one last day but rather weak ridge. this is going to move out and that's going to let the cold front slide on by. not until tomorrow tomorrow afternoon we start to talk about rain. temperatures on average low to mid-60s. today will be below the average in san francisco. only about 55 degrees. there 62 and sunshine isn't the san jose and 62 trees in livermore. more on the -- 62 degrees in lever mother. and we'll check -- livermore. we'll check on the roadways with gianna franco. >>> they have not turned the metering lights on. traffic is pretty busy mostly in the cash lanes. once you get past, a look at the conditions on bay bridge toward the island. if you're making your way up the incline, on the another live shot of the bay bridge you can see traffic, well, we lost, that, no delays come off the east shore freeway. westbound 580 at 680, the accident blocking the middle lane, traffic busy as you work your way out of
that will be at the heart of san francisco's revitalized neighborhood. >>> time now 5:08. oakland police searching for a possible child predator this morning and they hope a surveillance video will help them catch him. here's that video. it shows a man talking on a cell phone and pacing on the sidewalk at 94th avenue and b- street. the man walked into the front yard of a home and tried to abduct a nine-year-old girl. when the child started screaming, family members and neighbors rushed outside. police say that man escaped in a silver honda. >>> there will be more bart police patrols at the richmond bart station. that is following month's deadly shooting. you will see one bart police officer during the station at the peak of the morning and afternoon commutes. richmond police will also patrol that station. they will even be riding the trains. the increased patrols are coming after the fatal shooting of a man on march 14th. police are still searching for that killer. >>> 5:09 is the time. time to check back in with sal. how are things looking? >> it's looking go
-old amar harris. he's accused of shooting and killing aspiring rap artist ken nicherly, an oakland native. -- ken cherry, an oakland native. >>> the san francisco police are doing everything they can to track down an assault rifle stolen they broke into a car on mission street, and that type of gun is given specially trained officers. san francisco police has sent out an alert to other agencies. other bay area headlines, a woman caught breaking into a san francisco home held police off with a shotgun for more than two hours. residents of f lyon street home called 911 after they found their house being burglarized yesterday afternoon. officers talked the 22-year-old suspect into dropping the gun and surrendering. she is facing burglary charges. >>> in last georgias -- los gatos, the they will consider a moratorium on gun sales. templar sports. the only store that sells guns would be able to continue gun sales. >>> a try triathalon tragedy, a 46-year-old man died after plunging into cold waters in the escape for alcatraz race. the austin texas man
to oversee the oakland police department's reform efforts. thomas frazier is the former police commissioner of baltimore, maryland and former deputy chief in san jose. his job is to get the opd to comply with a set of reform measures that were supposed to be completed five years ago. >>> the santa clara county board of supervisors will meet this morning to discuss how to replace george shirakawa in the district 2 seat. shirakawa resigned from the board last week. he now faces criminal charges involving improper use of campaign and public funds. the board will have to decide whether to appoint a replacement to finish his term or call for a special election. >>> elizabeth has a look at the roads on this tuesday. >> so far at 5:07 we're doing well. a lot of overnight roadwork still out there looks like it's in the clearing stages along 880. so it was both directions of various lanes blocked northbound and southbound between 980 and high street this morning or approaching 23rd, excuse me. looks like there's a caltrans sign there in the distance i
gusty it is on the traffic cameras including the nimitz. 880 in oakland, it's kind of rocking back and forth a little bit. >>> overnight a sparkling light display to rival the eiffel tower. is now running nightly on the western span. it's illuminated by 25-thousand l- e-d lights wrapped around 100- thousand feet of cable. leo villareal / artist light has a very universal quality. almost anyone can see it and have some response to it. the $8-million dollar piece of public art is funded by private donations. funded by private donations. all those lights -- the electricity bill must be a fortune, right? nope: just 15 bucks a night. that works out to 11-grand over the two-year lifespan of the display. and remember, kpix-5 is the official broadcast partner for the bay bridge alliance. we'll have continuous coverage of the countdown to the opening of the new eastern span right here. the hayward city council voted last night, to end its red light camera program... deciding motorcycle officers are more effective. redwood city and san rafael are also thinking of ending the
at east bay, near the oakland coliseum. there's actually some overnight roadwork northbound and southbound this morning still out there between high street and 23rd. so heads up if you are crossing across that stretch. elsewhere, this is where we just got an accident reported. it's going against the commute. eastbound 80 at gilman in berkeley. one lane remains blocked. now, if you are going in the commute direction, this is what it looks like as you approach ashby. pretty good all the way out towards the macarthur maze. 18 minutes is that drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze. elsewhere, here's a look at the south bay. our live drive time sensors pretty much moving at the limit on 280, 101 and the guadalupe parkway. that is your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> a son-in-law of osama bin laden is set to appear in a new york courtroom less than two hours from now. sulaiman abu ghaith was arrested in jordan last week. he is considered a top al qaeda operative. and he served as a spokesman for bin laden.
a westerly breeze right out to the delta. oakland west, so lows are here and we had a lot more 20s and 30s in the mountains and now it is more 40s and 50s down in southern california. still snow continues from the great lakes down to atlanta. flurries in atlanta and all the way back to oklahoma temperatures are in the teens try and tell them it is spring and they say what are you talking about, for them it's still winter. partly cloudy and partly sunny, 50s and 60s and there is not much left with this system but the on shore breeze in place it will keep some clouds going. another system will clip us south winds will warm us up, and maybe some rain on sunday. >>> major european markets are up in light trading so far today, some up, some down at this hour. markets overnight in the far east mixed as well. china's shanghai and many investors are still concerned about the implications about the bailout in cyprus. south korea and cyprus remained closed to avoid a run on deposit and right now futures do indicate a higher opening across the board. the securities
on a house on 13th and oakland. >> come out of the house with your hands in the air... >> reporter: after a few minutes of ordering people outside, he sent the dog inside. that search came up empty and the 6:00 continues. >>> a petaluma teen was caught in a fire while he was allegedly making drugs. the 14-year-old was accused of causing the fire while making hash oil. he was also given a cry station a problem and the government agency said he he can motions -- explosions could extract ingredients from marijuana. >>> the storm caught some people off guard. steve paulson told us about it. we spoke to fans at the world classic who were not happy to see the clouds rolling in and some were forced to look to a backup plan. >> today's forecast calls for rain on and off throughout the morning but steve will be here with a closer look at your weather coming up. >>> news in south korea are trying to determine the source of an apparent cyber attacks. two major banks were shut down at the same time and skulls popped up on the screen. there is speculation north kor
to oversee the oakland police department's reform efforts. thomas frazier is a former police commissioner of baltimore, maryland and a former deputy chief in san jose. he is expected to get the opd to comply with the set of reform measures that were supposed to be completed five years ago. the judge has ordered the city to pay frazier $270,000 a year. >>> well, i would toss it to liz right now, but since you hacked my facebook page i'm not talking to elizabeth wenger anymore. >> no idea what you're talking about. >> you will, believe me. it's coming up later. >> we are going to be talking about this one for a while. frank's facebook page. >>> outside things look good. here's a live look at 101 in trimble. it's just overnight roadwork. both directions of 101 northbound and southbound both look good all across the south bay heading into san jose. similar story on the bridges. this is live look at the san mateo bridge. it's not looking like it's going to be a wet morning commute. the afternoon commute, the evening commute when it could get wet so mass t
down the crime rate in oakland. he says all you have to do is the math. >> a very small portion of the criminal population commits the majority of the crimes. in l.a. we called it the 10% solution. 10% of the criminal population commits about 50% of the crime. 10% of the locations in the city are where about 50% of the crime occurs. and 10% of the city's population are about 50% of the victims. >> well, the city is spending $250,000 for bratton's advice. he is urging the city to partner with outside agencies to make up for officer shortages in the city. >>> meanwhile, the san francisco police department will hold a town hall meeting tonight to discuss tuesday's officer-involved shooting. an officer and a suspect were injured during the incident. meeting is set for 6:00 at the city college of san francisco southeast campus on oakdale avenue. >>> george lucas brought his movie-making magic to the presidio. >> now he wants to bring even more magic to the old army base. a museum for his private art collection. lucas plans to showcase his privat
the oakland museum of california in january. investigators arrested parolee andre franklin. its that history that clicked with officer michael igualdo and prompted his relentless pursuit of the object and suspect. the whole investigative team celebrated. movie national treasure.' the 19-th century artifact is who say you can't do it, you're not good enough. 1:50 how one bay area high school grad is fighting his way to soccer stardom "..." and not just here in the bay area. what caused thise crane collapse in oregon. collapse in oregon. "splashing into the water" ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. been waiting for the price of mattresses to fall? then don't miss sleep train's beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale. save up to 40% on closeout sets from beautyrest and posturepedic. save hundreds on floor samples and closeout inventory. these prices are falling fast, but these deals won't last. the beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale is on now at sleep train. superior service best selection lowe
in fairfield. 70 in brentwood. 67 in berkeley. 69 in oakland. these are the forecast highs for your afternoon today. not bad. a little warmer as we head into saturday. a little warmer as we head into sunday. next time you see me i'll have a five-day forecast. >> thank you. >>> 4:52 is the time right now. raising money for the america's cup. why the plans are raising concerns among those who live along the san francisco waterfront. >>> and an explosion in golden gate park. strange discovery that prompted a bomb squad to take action. >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news san francisco police blew up world war ii era hand grenade. a man using a metal detector found the device right near mall lard lake. he said it looked real when he dug it up so he called police. investigators are trying to find out how that grenade ended up there but they doubt there are anymore buried in the park. >>> people who live near the san francisco waterfront don't want their neighborhood to pay the price for a series of concerts at pier 29. the concerts are
's -- permission and it is helping people on finding abandoned homes. opened oakland is part of the code for america to make government more accessible for america. >>> they could be the victims of a phone hacking scam in the world. they did not go into much detail but hundreds of victims could translate into millions of dollars in damages. the phone hacking scandal involved celebrities, politicians and crime victims. >>> chp is looking into whether reckless driving happened around 6:00, chp said the accident involved one of four cars one of which bursted into flames. one vehicle was driving recklessly before the collision. >>> services will be held for one of three people killed earlier this month. the family scheduled a viewing for the woman and her 15-year old sons. the family was pulling out of their driveway when the car was hit by a man. police say he was leaving the scene of another accident and he is facing homicide and hit- and-run charges. >>> former santa clara supervisor is expected to plead guilty to miss appropriation of funds. he is ac
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